Future Projects and Speaking Engagements

Dr. Brown submitted a peer-reviewed research project for publication with Mallorie Hardesty and Bethany Balette, and Zahra Nafar, “When Anxiety Attacks: Neurobiology and Treatment Differences between Amygdala-Focused Anxiety and Left Cortex Anxiety”.

Dr. Brown is working on another peer-reviewed research with Drs. Sarah Spencer, Alyssa Weiss and Heather Zeng.  The working title is “Applying Schlossberg’s Transition Theory to Individuals Impacted by COVID19”.  The article is projected to be submitted for publication before the fall of 2020.

Dr. Brown and Dr. Susan Foster will have their book chapter, “Undercurrents and Riptides: Addressing End of Life Issues” published in 2020 within the second volume of Metaphors and Therapy: Enhancing Clinical Supervision and Education.