In Action

Drs. Andy Brown, Tiffany Rush-Wilson, and LoriAnn Stretch were named Outstanding Counseling Faculty by, a definitive resource for college leaders, faculty, and students researching online education. used the following criteria in choosing professors to include in this list:
   University Affiliation: These professors are all actively teaching and associated with counseling programs at accredited universities in the US.
   Publication: They have been widely published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals.
   Institutional and Peer Recognition: They have been recognized through research grants, teaching awards and honors, publishing, and service.
   Professional Commitment: They have also contributed to the field outside of their teaching obligations. They serve as program directors or deans, editors, board members, leaders, and community volunteers.

Named Outstanding Faculty by Online Education Research.

Projected Conferences and Appearances for 2020

The Association for Creativity in Counseling, National Conference
Association for Humanistic Counseling, National Conference
European Branch of the American Counseling Association, International Conference
Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference


Dr. Brown is heading a research project with Mallorie Hardesty and Bethany Balette, “When Anxiety Attacks: Neurobiology and Treatment Differences between Amygdala-Focused Anxiety and Left Cortex Anxiety”. The article is projected to be published in early 2020.

Dr. Brown and Dr. Susan Foster will have their book chapter, “Undercurrents and Riptides: Addressing End of Life Issues” published in 2020 within the second volume of Metaphors and Therapy: Enhancing Clinical Supervision and Education.