This time last year we reflected on freedom in a slightly cautious, careful manner while navigating various levels of restrictions.  Twelve months later the tune has changed.  Many of us, me included, have experienced a greater understanding and appreciation of the word “Freedom.”  This year as we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, let’s think of some reclaimed ways to embrace freedom:

  • Enjoying the laughter, hugs and camaraderie at the family cookout
  • Going into a movie theater to see a movie (finally!)
  • Sitting in a favorite restaurant with someone special to share a meal and conversation
  • Going to a baseball game and cheering with the crowd
  • Watching fireworks light up the night in person

However you choose to celebrate the Fourth of July this year, take a moment and think about what freedom feels like.  How are you experiencing it on a personal level, within relationships and in your community?

Until next time…let freedom ring!