1. Top 6 Myths About PTSD

    The brain is a very complex organ that even scientists and medical professionals don’t fully understand. So it’s reasonable that there are misunderstandings when it comes to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Even people who are struggling with symptoms have a hard time understanding what …Read More

  2. Handling PTSD During the Holidays

    The holidays can be challenging under normal circumstances, but when adding a mental illness like PTSD to the mix, the time between early November and the beginning of a new year can feel like hell. Depending on the trauma that was experienced, there can be a wide range of triggers that can cause fl…Read More

  3. Understanding PTSD and its Symptoms

    Even though we often associate trauma and PTSD with soldiers who have encountered war, nearly anyone can experience a traumatic event that can have lasting effects. From auto accidents, to abuse, rape, the loss of a job, the sudden loss of a loved one, and many other situations or events can cause t…Read More